Project description

This tweetable AR effect could be shared with fans to help promote an upcoming concert.

Our DJ Lil Llama invitation was an AR effect that could be experienced on any given platform. To develop the effect, we began by designing its trigger, a DJ Lil Llama poster that would feature a scannable QR code. We then sourced a 3D character to play our DJ Lil Llama avatar, placing him in a custom llama outfit that we’d designed for brand recognition purposes. After completing these different scene components, we imported them into Spark AR to develop the final effect. In Spark AR, we added the phrase, “YOU ARE INVITED!” above the poster that we'd imported, setting the text to animate in against a pink bar. We then placed our avatar inside the experience, rigging him to dance. To create a livelier, more dynamic experience, we configured his movements so that he’d pop out of the poster, dance, and then jump back into the screen.

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