Project description

Like many try-before-you-buy AR ads, this effect let users try on 4 unique sunglasses.

We built the experience in Lens Studio, designing each pair of sunglasses to offer a distinct look. At the start of the experience, we scripted in a “TAP!” prompt to appear over the product. By tapping their sunglasses, users could cycle through the 4 pairs of shades to see which one suited them the best. To help set an immersive scene, we added a beach backdrop and made the sunglasses reflect the water and palm trees. As for the user’s face, we retouched the skin and applied a light makeup script to modify their features. To serve as an example of a branded ad, we included a brand’s logo up top, alongside its new collection announcement. We placed these elements against a transparent blue bar so they’d remain prominent and legible during the entire experience.

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