Project description

This festive effect turned users into a dancing elf for Christmas.

We created the experience by first rigging a 3D elf model to dance in 2 different styles: silly and hip hop. We then imported the dancing elf into Lens Studio where we developed the full Christmas scene, setting the stage with a Christmas tree, a snow covered ground, and a frame of tinsel. We modified the elf so its face could be interchangeable with the user's. Once a user opened the effect, they'd be prompted to select a selfie from their phone gallery, which the effect would then use as the elf's face. We then imported a hip hop version of jingle bells and scripted in a "Tap" prompt over the elf. Whenever the user tapped the elf, they'd see it change dance styles. We also developed the experience so the elf could be movable and scaleable. That way users could easily adjust the frame and record the effect to share with friends and family.

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