Project description

Using 8th Wall, we developed a web-based AR experience for Walmart that could be initiated on any phone, desktop, or AR headset.

The experience allowed users to select from two brands: Abominable vs Hasbro. Depending on the brand they selected, they'd enter a Christmas scene that we'd developed, which showed the brand's characters around a Christmas tree. We animated each character to create a dynamic experience and we placed clickable products under the tree, which drove to product pages on Walmart's website. The Abominable experience, for instance, displayed clickable Abominable DVDs that drove to the DVD's product page. The Hasbro experience featured a variety of games that drove to the games' individual product pages. To make the experience even more interactive, we built in 4 environment effects that users could choose from: lights, fireworks, lasers, and a neon Santa. To help Walmart measure KPIs, we integrated a Google Analytics plugin that captured the campaign's number of impressions, engagement time, and custom events like interactions with each product.

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